Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Chapter 24 - Numblingly Connected

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On a little wooden desk surrounded by the monsoon afternoon rain, after a hot day, this breeze is beautiful in Northern Thailand. 

I wrote this blog:

Napoli, Italia - 2010

Napoli, Italia - 2010

Brady and I finally made it, hitch hiking across Australia to Melbourne. I was staying with my best friend there, Nathan. I met him and his family over 10 years ago when we were both living in Napoli, Italy for two years. 

Melbourne, Australia - 2019

Melbourne, Australia - 2019

My life in Italy was a whole different world with many different obstacles accompanying many incredible encounters and creating a best friendship with a person like Nathan. He is someone I’ll never forget. We were 10 when we met and even though I haven’t seen him for many years, now we’re still as tight as ever. Crazy how that all works. 

It’s crazy how we’ve only

seen each other like twice

in the last nine years but we’re still

as close as ever!


Something I did find interesting about Melbourne, was the idea how everyone was so connected. I think many people in cities are like this, but I couldn’t believe just how everyone had head phones in, coffee in hand and on their way to their next appointment/activity. I saw it as being just such a high and constant intensity and everyone thrived on feeling/being busy

I asked a friend, how come it’s like this? And she responded; ‘if we are not busy, if we don’t have anything on, we feel lazy and it looks like we don’t have a life’. 

Maybe I’m just being a princess because I grew up in a small town where there aren’t many traffic lights or … traffic. But from content I read and watch on social media it looks like that way. All these people on the ‘grind’. 

I think it’s great, it’s important to not be lazy, to make each day have purpose. But to what point? And what are you actually achieving in each individual day?  

Something I’m becoming more and more aware of, is how automatic my mind is when checking my phone. I might be having coffee with a friend, then he goes to the bathroom and I without hesitation; get out my iPhone. I don’t think my friend is on holidays in Bali, let’s see some of his photos. I don’t think.I just scroll, scroll and scroll… numbingly. 

Lately I’ve been making a switch that when my friend goes to the bathroom, when I’m waiting for the metro or when I’m waiting for my next working meeting to start. To just be. (I apologise for sounding like a hippy).
Who knows what kind of thoughts might come in, who knows who I might open myself up to chat to and who knows what kind of ideas I might discover on how to live my life throughout this coming year.  

After returning back home (by flight) from an incredible adventure, I got straight back into work. I was busy, but took more advantage of the times I wasn’t and am still trying to this day on getting rid of this feeling of being ‘unimportant’ when I am by myself and haven’t got too much planned. 

 I became much more aware of what was happening throughout my day. Especially when working with high needs and aggressive behaviour teenagers; understanding them better and being in a better mindset. I’ve learnt an immense amount about myself through this job, I’ve been stretched, stressed and challenged beyond belief. 
You learn your triggers and how to help young people regulate their emotions as well as your own. You learn a lot about you and how to best respond in a stressful environment. 


Thank you to Safe Places for Children, for this incredible opportunity of employment.  

It was in a quiet time I had for myself, where I had the idea of wanting to get better at taking care of myself. Yeah, I like to run and have cold showers but what more could I do to benefit my body and mental health. My mind wandered to the point of learning a martial art. 

For some odd reason I thought of Muay Thai boxing, I’ve always been fond of it. Why not give it a go? But then I thought of an even better question. 

Why not … go

I quit my job (on very good terms), hugged my family, packed my bag and hopped on a one-way flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

 A new adventure. 

Lift off.  

Pourquoi pas.