Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Chapter 20 - North American Opposites

Chapter EntriesDaniel CasadioComment

In my car, that I’ve slept in the past week, because it’s so cold to sleep in a tent. The Montana weather is not suitable for Australians.


I wrote this blog:

Touch down. Montreal. Last time I was here was only 7 months ago, but now I’m arriving in board shirts and reluctantly wearing a shirt. Last time I arrived with 5 different layers of clothing and I was still cold!  

An hour after I had landed I was at one of my best friends’ bucks (bachelor night). I was jet lagged and exhausted; but my boy was getting married! Let’s get this fiesta going!

A couple days later, he was married and it all hit me. John LeShone, an absolute solid brother of mine. Is now married. Married.

 You definitely do a self-evaluation when an event like this happens. A couple weeks before hand, a friend from back home has had a baby and has just bought a company. I was in the same class as him, we talked all the time and annoyed the teachers together; but this guy now has a baby and a company under his name?!

 But comparing yourself to others is never healthy, I’m gradually learning to let other people’s goals and achievements to encourage and inspire me. Many of my friends back home are earning really good money and their career is promising and is going somewhere, it took me sometime to be properly at peace with what I’m doing. Just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

 After the wedding celebrations, two of my closest friends Jared, Drew and I embarked on an adventure; driving across Canada! We’ve filmed/vlogged the adventure, you can check it out here:  

After a long process of car hunting and sorting out insurance; we could hit the road! To say we were excited would be an underestimate.

After a long process of car hunting and sorting out insurance; we could hit the road! To say we were excited would be an underestimate.

It was incredibly doing this massive road trip with my boys, I’ve known them for over 12 years and I am so grateful that I got to do this with them. After two weeks, Jared had to leave and return back home; Drew and I continued driving across Canada. It definitely took some getting used to, there was a big difference between three and two people in the car. The energy and enthusiasm decreased, but the adventure did not lack any thrill at all.

It’s funny how the camera made us get out of our comfort zone, if it wasn’t for vlogging our trip we may not of; ran up a freezing ice glacier shirtless, being too close to a moose to the point it started chasing me, jumping into Lake Louise at borderline freezing temperatures or driving through 11 states of America in 3 days. Some of these adventures were gruelling and scary but knowing it was on record, helped in some way; which is quite new to me.

Don’t tell the sheriff.

Don’t tell the sheriff.

 ‘Opposites attract’, that overly used bull shit cliché saying… is true.

Drew is punctual, me not so much. 

Drew is clean, I’m working on it.

Drew is a responsible driver, I drive the ‘Italian way’.

My brother and I share so many differences, we laugh regularly at how we’re best friends. Before the trip, I definitely wondered how Drew and I will go together. Will we drive each other crazy to the point where one leaves early or we split up for the remainder of the trip?

But I couldn’t have been more wrong. We still drove each other crazy, made compromises, held in anger, expressed our annoyance, etc. But we did it. We talk openly to each other and we move on. (It took me 10 minutes to try and work out how to write this without sounding like we’re married couple – but I think it still sounds like we are).

Don’t worry Sharny, strictly platonic. Except that time when…



At the end of the action packed two months, I was again reminded of how beautiful and selfless people are. Family, friends, friends of friends and friend’s family never thought twice and they would take care of us, feed us, engage and interact with us.

Could not be more thankful for such an incredible journey.

As it continues as I head south.