Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Chapter 15 - Dancing Teletubbies

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On my flight to London. The windows have just been clean with some chemical, outside looks purple. Purple clouds and a purple sun – very weird and oddly beautiful.

I wrote this blog: 

2018. Yeow! What a start it was screaming and shouting to the top of my lungs on one of my best friend’s shoulders and watching the new year come to. Everyone in downtown Montreal was there; dancing and celebrating in their warm clothes. It got up to – 30 degrees so you mostly just saw everyone’s eyes that weren’t covered, but even from making eye contact with them you can tell just how high on life they were for the new year. It was hilarious watching everyone dance, they literally looked like the cute ‘Tellietubbies’ as they were so rugged up combating the freezing weather. 

Montreal 2.jpg


Then following the next two weeks of the new year I continued volunteering at YWAM, mainly in the kitchen and it was a lot of fun. Dancing around to ‘The Greatest Showman’ soundtrack and pretty much improvising each meal, which we were cooking for over 25 people. I loved every moment.

Yet two weeks later as time ran out, I found myself saying goodbye and at the Montreal International Airport. After the goodbyes, my lonely sentimental thoughts were very quickly interrupted due to the blizzard. My flight was cancelled. Very thankful to the beautiful lady at the West Jet customer service who helped me and booked me with a different airline (a way better one – British Airlines) and was going to take me directly to London... no lay over! I was so happy. I was proud of myself because I was very optimistic and look how beautiful it turned out to be. As I waited in line to check into British Airways, with a grin from cheek to cheek. As it turns out my optimistic attitude wasn’t enough to fight the blizzard. This new way more improved flight was then cancelled.

But because I officially now had seats with British Airlines, they were the ones who had to take care of me. And that they did. The next possible flight to London was the next morning, so they provided me with taxi service to and from the airport and a 5-star hotel in downtown Montreal with all expenses and meals provided. Who needs optimism when you can have free pizza, crepes, wine and this creamy delicious desert that I have no idea what the name was.

It’s funny though, how when I was staying at the hotel how I ordered so much food. Because I knew it was free, British Airways would pay the bill. I wasn’t overly hungry but still I ‘spent’ nearly $80 on dinner for just me. After my meal, I felt quite sick from eating too much, so I had a shower and then afterwards I packed the hotel’s shampoo, conditioner and soap into my bag. Why is that? Why is it that when given the opportunity to take advantage of something, we pretty much always do it without even blinking an eye? I am an uncluttered, minimalist traveller, travelling quite cheaply and I don’t really think I’ll really use the soap, shampoo and conditioner. I’ve already got my own.  

What I love about minimalism, is that it gives you awareness of the benefits living a more deliberate life. Me ordering lots of room service, over eating and packing these shower liquids without even thinking about it, is wrong. I found myself not enjoying the food as much because I had so much of it and I am accumulating things without even asking myself ‘why?’.

Lesson learnt from myself, next time I am given the opportunity where I can have whatever I need for free; stop there. Stop at what I need, and whatever I do, I am not to carry on to accumulating and eating what I want.

Don’t get carried away with wants. Show humility, even if it’s free and especially when no one is watching.

2018, I am excited to see what’s going to happen this year. Already this year hasn’t exactly gone to plan. I love it.

To a year filled with language barriers, culture shocks, self-growth and helping out those who really need it.