Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Chapter 5 - Stumbling Luck

Chapter EntriesDaniel Casadio1 Comment

In my either really nice hostel or a pretty crappy hotel. It’s like in the middle of the two? 

I wrote this blog: 

Inishturk, you’ve been great! A huge thank you for having me and for giving me such a personal community feeling. It was a lot of fun.

After a real bumpy boat ride, I was back on the mainland of Ireland. In one of my new favourite little towns Westport. It’s always fun meeting lots of funny and interesting people at hostels, I met some really funny awesome Germans. Which was quite lucky because I was headed to Berlin early the next day! So I used them for a free German lesson and oh my gosh German is a hard language to learn, it’s nothing like any of the other Latin based languages. Through lots of failed attempts, I can only say a few words but hey at least we all shared our hatred towards FC Bayern Munich.

After an early and horrible rainy walk to the train station, a rainy train ride, a rainy bus ride and somehow a super sunny flight I was in Berlin! Was passiert Berlin?!

When I arrived to my hostel/hotel I was bunking with this awesome American guy named Johnnie from the Bay in San Diego. So he was a Golden State Warriors fan… ew. But he was a great guy and we went out for dinner and drinks. And it just so happened that with our luck it was the German football league (DFB – Pokal) Cup Final! The game was being held in Berlin and everyone was out in the streets either enjoying the live music or watching the final and hating on the live music because they can’t hear the commentary.

I was pretty tired from all the travelling but it still was a blast to be in such an awesome environment! Borussia Dortmund won the game and most of Berlin were loving life and celebrating in the streets.

Johnnie and I’s luck continued as we walked through a park and there was a massive catholic festival happening. There was more live music and it was hilarious when they sing English songs and convert the lyrics to German. At times, it sounded quite similar but other times the husk of the German language just put its own completely new spin on it. Everyone was lighting candles and were holding them into the night sky. It was an awesome event to see and pretty much stumble upon. Johnnie and I knew nothing of what was happening but it was still great to participate in.

Our luck somehow continued as we were walking back to the hostel/hotel and we saw a live outdoor picture theatre that was being projected onto one of the big parliament buildings. The documentary was all about the German history and the documentary celebrated the demolishing of the Berlin Wall that split East and West Germany. The production was incredible and as we were watching the footage of the wall being demolished, the lights were going crazy over the building and the atmosphere was unbelievably positive.

Johnnie and I were walking back to our hostel/hotel recapping the night and still in awe on how much luck we’ve had. Nothing wrong with planning and having an organised itinerary, but sometimes it’s just awesome when things just work out so well without you knowing anything. Just observing and enjoying the ride.

It’s funny how right up to before I arrived in Berlin, how I Germany didn’t exactly appeal to me as much as the countries in Europe did. You get that, some countries may appear to be a bit more well suited to you or a country might not jump at you like another would. But I definitely learned that sometimes I can be completely wrong. I’ve still got loads to learn about this place and the language, but I’m much more excited to get into it than I ever thought I would be.

Time to go out and explore Berlin. You should come with me.