Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Chapter 3 - Good Crack

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In the little volunteer house, which has an incredible view! 

I wrote this blog: 

Longhope was incredible. I loved the whole community feeling whilst you are walking the streets. The pubs are a lot of fun as well, the drinks are not incredibly overpriced and is such a good vibe, especially when the football is on.

But the minute I felt real comfortable and knowing the routine and what to do and how to help on the farm. Time had caught up with me and it was time to pack my bags up again. After only an hour flight and having a good chat with an Irish chef dude who’s actually cooked for U2, I found myself in a little airport in the middle of Ireland. When I was asking for directions I was actually in awe on how much I could not properly understand such thick Irish accents. Like I heard a few English words but not enough to know what the sentence was about. I literally asked a guy where the bus stop is and I made out the words goat and black. But in the end, I found the bus stop and the bus took me to my next destination for a couple of days.

I stayed in Westport for 3 days and there I grew such a huge love for Guinness. Like oh man, it’s that good here. I had lots of great chats with the bartenders and other blokes, some really interesting chats. And I actually met a guy named Bradley (I think – I’m horrible with names) and he was an Irish musician who plays the Irish flute. Had a great chat with him and he told me a little about the island I’m going to, Inish Turk.

In the few days I had in Westport, I instantly fell in love with the place. Like the town was a real gem. And there was also the first time I went hiking up a mountain solo. This mountain wasn’t particularly dangerous or anything, it definitely had a few crazy-ish moment but it was no lightning striking 3m away in Australia or getting attacked on the summit in Nepal. This hike was pretty low key, which was great! It was also kind of weird having that much space but what I found unbelievable was once I reached the top. Usually in my experiences of hiking, once you reach the summit of the mountain, it’s windy and can be pretty hectic. But not this time, the sun came out as I reached the top which I felt was Jesus giving me an awesome high five. With no wind whatsoever brushing up the mountain, there was absolutely no sound and it was just perfect.
It was unbelievable to just sit there for a few moments – however long those moments were, I have no idea. But to just observe the beautiful world we live in and not feeling the need to bring out my camera straight away. Just being in it, there and soaking in every moment. No deadline. No pressure. My job for right then and there was to just sit, observe and enjoy. 

Inish Turk has a population of I think 55 people and is an island off the mainland of Ireland. It was an incredible adventure getting there, some of the views from the ferry of the mountain ranges were incredible.

The family to whom I’m staying and volunteering with are quite funny people and I’m still learning to understand their lingo. Like to them, if you say that was some good crack that doesn’t mean the cocaine was good but meaning that I had a fun time. (A fun time with no cocaine). Crack = fun. I don’t get it either, but I love it. There’s also another volunteer with me named Pedro and he is from Italy, so it is fantastic that I can continue to brush up my Italian!

At Inish Turk, there is a community centre and that has a pub, post office and a little restaurant. Pedro and I walked into the pub, grabbed a pint of Guinness each and enjoyed the live Irish music. It was actually beautiful to see elderly couples dancing away so happily and doing these crazy Irish dance moves that you didn’t think existed. It was so good to see! … But something caught my eye. I saw a familiar face somewhere when I glanced at the crowd, so I starred and studied the crowd and see if I was right. Who could I possibly see? I mean I am literally on a small island in the Atlantic Ocean, surely no one. I saw no one I knew, that could have made a cool story. Then I looked at the Irish band, it was the Irish band! There was Bradley (I think – I’m horrible with names), just killing it on the Irish Flute and having the time of his life playing. Day made!

The locals on this island are incredible and unbelievably friendly. Phylomena who is hosting me is always making sure I’m drinking lots of Guinness. Forced to drink lots of Guinness. I have certainly hit the jackpot.