Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Chapter 1 - Bath Night

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In my little caravan room. How do I always wind up staying in a caravan when travelling?! 

I wrote this blog: 



First flight down! Now I’m just wandering through the Abu Dhabi airport. Exploring all the different stores, seeing little Arabic historical antiques, smelling the flavours of paprika, thyme and other spices and hearing the blunt yet somehow romantic language of the people as they communicate amongst themselves. I’m totally joking. I was just walking by loads of stores that have overpriced alcohol and Lyndt chocolate.

But once I got to my gate and was ready to board for my next flight, I was doing my thing and just trying not to fall back asleep. But then someone walks in, he catches my eye. A very tanned gentleman who was wearing this stylish blue suit jacket, with a cool looking African pattern button up shirt, then he had dark dress pants and to top it off he had a white top hat. This guy killed me with his swagger! Lucky for DC, he sat next to me! We started talking and he told me how he has travelled through nearly 50 countries. I was thinking; woah, this dude is pretty cool! Then he tells me he knows 14 languages, then demonstrates all 14 of them! Shoot. Alright bro, now you’ve just reset the whole meaning of ‘goals’ for me. Then he says he has 10 kids and one of them is in the Real Madrid junior football squad team. There is so much crazy information, I do not know how to grasp it all. Then obviously to top it off, he says that he deals with gold for a living and has a several houses scattered throughout the world. He showed me pictures of some of his houses and they were big! I can’t even, this is way too much… I wonder if I can stay at his mansion in London? THEN! This tanned blue suit jacket and white top hat wearing millionaire says that he is an African king of a city. He showed me pictures of him sitting on a legitimate throne, hanging out with his people, meeting the Uganda president and everything. Like I could not process this, I mean there was all this evidence right in front of me. We grabbed my WhatsApp number and then we said our goodbyes. Some stylish, swagger, millionaire, gold dealer and king has my number. Although when I saw him board his flight, I saw how much he pushed people around and how rude he was to be the first to be accepted onto the plane. A character like that is not something I envy.

Touch down! LONDON. What’s happening?! Your boy is here. Let’s party!
No. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in London for very long at all. I was there for a couple of hours and then I was on a bus to Gloucester. Which was about a 2-and-a-half-hour ride and it was very scenic and some of the landscapes I saw were incredible! My Work-away volunteering host picked me up from the train station and what a lovely lady she is. She had already for me loads of chocolate and a few savoury rolls for me to eat on the car ride.

Once we arrived at the farm, I was instantly shocked by the view. The view was absolutely beautiful and it still is, I haven’t adapted to how nice it is yet. Within moments from being there I met all of the family, their beautiful dog Buddy who will do anything he can for you to throw a stick for him to fetch and another Work-away volunteer who’s from Fremantle! Never did I think I would be so far away from home and yet someone knows what a ‘Douth’ trip is.

The next day, I found myself helping out on the farm and was somehow driving a dumper. A dumper isn’t a poo but a decently big vehicle with a very dodgy steering wheel. I was driving the dumper through some tight roads and doing beyond any 4-WDing I’ve ever done in my life! I definitely had a few close calls at times, but I’m still here and the property is not damaged! Buddy would always be running around herding the cattle, but he would often run along side me. Until a throw another stick, what a beautiful dog he is!

Talking with the locals is an absolute blast here. Because it’s always a huge treat when there’s no language barrier. As fun as it is, it’s always good to have to a decent conversation without having to act out every single word. Although the accents here are really nice to listen to, some of them can be quite hard to understand but I think my poor listening skills are to blame there.

When I was on the dumper (hehe), I was driving it back to the farm and I was having a chat with a great guy named Roger who operates the digger. He was telling me about his upbringing and a few of his stories. He then tells me about an agreement he and his wife have; once a night every week he spends his night with his girlfriend. I guess nowadays, situations like that are widely accepted but Roger is in his mid-70’s and from people I’ve chatted to at that age are normally quite set on one lover. But not Roger. He named the one night a week with his girlfriend... ‘Bath Night’.  Whenever the conversation comes up about Bath Night, he generally has a pretty cheeky grin on his face. Cheeky Roger.