Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Prologue - Chapter 8: Footbull

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In my bed surrounded by a mosquito net. There are mosquitos everywhere!

I wrote this blog: 

After leaving Barcelona, I spent 66 hours of travelling trying to get to Kathmandu (that’s the consequence for doing a spontaneous trip). And you know when you’ve been travelling for so many hours you kind of just want to get to your destination, curl up into a ball and watch ‘Friends’ with a hot chocolate and get over your jetlag? Silly me kind of expected that – well obviously that wasn’t the case for me; because I was flying to Nepal.

The reason why I am in Nepal because I am helping teach English in a rural village at their local school. I wish I could tell you where abouts in Nepal, but I honestly have no idea. My geography is totally messed up – I need a compass!   After finally getting to meet Rasmil who is the principals son and he does all the networking; we stayed a night in Kathmandu.

Then a hot, sweaty, long, bumpy, hard, tiring, awkward and enduring 8 ½ hour bus ride; somehow we made it to the village. We arrived quite late but Rasmil’s family greeted us with open arms, huge smiles and a delicious dinner. It was well worth it.

The next morning by 10 am we were at the school and I was teaching English to these students. And my gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much love (except from my Ma) from so many different smiling, young and beautiful kids. These kids are the reason why I did all this travelling and even if being with them for just a day would be 100% worth it.

After the day of teaching English I was pretty tired, I mean you have to be pretty energetic and enthusiastic about saying every English word. But never the less, within an hour I was playing football with the local kids. And little did I know that these Nepalese could ‘dance’! By ‘dance’ I mean doing these incredible football maneuvers and shooting it with such power I don’t know how the goalkeeper can dive so quickly.

And mainly because ever since arriving at Kathmandu it’s been go, go, go and there wasn’t really a moment to just realize that I was actually in Nepal. But that moment soon came when we were playing football and I was in defense and the ball was at the other end and I just looked at my surroundings. There was a huge jungle mountain range not even a kilometer away and a jungle on the other side of the football pitch and the view was just incredible. But that was suddenly interrupted when hearing unusual sounds, it wasn’t just the sounds of the kids sprinting at me in hopes to score – it was what was with them. A bull. A huge motherfather bull going at full sprint with the kids. And obviously this was usual for them – but not for an Australian like me. I’ve never been so scared to defend in my life. The bull distracted me (obviously) and the kids scored and the bull ran off back to his master. This could only happen in Nepal – there was the moment I was looking for.