Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Prologue - Chapter 7: Change of Plan

PrologueDaniel CasadioComment

At the Barcelona airport. This place is confusing and doesn't make sense. Where are all the power adapters?!

I wrote this blog: 

Wow. This past week I’ve really been on a journey mentally. And being on this mental journey has lots of distractions, especially living in a city like Barcelona. Barcelona is exactly what I’ve heard it to be, if not better. The culture, the food, the nightlife, the community, the language and most importantly the people – this really is a fantastic city. I love how anyone is willing to help you with directions and playing football with the Spanish kids at the park is pretty much playing an El Classico game at Camp Nou. When these kids miss a shot or a score a goal they portray so accurately how Messi or Neymar would react, it’s hilarious. The family I’m staying with are also wonderful people, I love how open they are about different opinions and I love the passion they have about making Catalonia its own country. I love teaching these kids English, trying to un-teach them all the English swear words and just having fun with them. Barcelona is probably the best city I’ve ever been to!

BUT. There’s always a but.
Right now it’s not for me. What? You don’t understand? How I talk so positively about it but I’m leaving it? Yeah, I’m weird like that.
As much as I want to stay and go to the beach parties, make friends with the locals, learn Spanish and fingers crossed to meet a Spanish girl. It’s just not what I’m wanting to do; the more I travel, the more I learn about myself. And I’m learning that for me personally I’m over travelling for myself. Right now I feel like I’m just wasting my time and I’m just not as passionate about being where I am.

I want to help those who really need it; I want to actually make a difference. Not in my own life, but in others. And although I’m helping these kids learn English, my host family can easily replace me with someone else to help their kids learn English and babysit them.
So, what’s my plan? How do I go about; ‘helping those who really need it’?

I’m not really sure to be honest, but I’ve bought a one-way flight to Kathmandu and will be helping kids aged 6 – 12 years old with their English in a rural community. The teacher’s there speak an intermediate level of English, but they need volunteers to come and help. And just the idea of just contributing a little to a child’s English vocabulary and investing time with them – and then hearing years later that they’ve enrolled and made the cut to a university. That would make my heart sing.

I have no idea what to expect in Nepal, but all in all: I just want to do something worth doing.  Prayers and support would be greatly appreciated, especially with the 66 hours of travel ahead of me. Shoot.

The adventure continues – and its going to be clutch!