Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

Prologue - Chapter 6: Apple Juice Whiskey

PrologueDaniel CasadioComment

In my little caravan room. 

I wrote this blog: 

Hey, what up?
I haven’t done much blogging lately mainly because life has been pretty simple not a whole lot has been happening. I’m still living in Ambre/Lavaur, and helping out with work on the all organic straw-bale house.

Its good to have a little place to call home for a month and having a little family to be there for me.

I’ve been learning lots about this type of construction, learning more and more of the French language and mainly getting advice from couples/individuals who used to/currently travel. One couple I met and talked to literally travelled the world on a bicycles (obviously caught a plane when needed), but I was just astonished. They briefly told me some of their stories about their adventures in Brazil, Nepal, India and how they snuck into Tibet. Sneaking into Tibet?! You can’t just do that, if you get caught who knows what will happen, that’s like hardcore wandering. I was so inspired.
I asked how they dealt with the language barriers and I’ll never forget what they said; ‘using your hands to communicate is one thing but having heart, determination and showing passion in your actions is another. The locals will understand, because everyone in the world understands passion and people will want to make an effort to understand your passion.  

I was even more truly and unbelievably inspired. That’s the key ingredient to communicate with anyone, because not everyone understands a language but we all have a passion.

I went for a walk and a few turns here and there, I was lost and walking along side a beautiful river. I noticed someone fishing and after a few hesitant steps of stepping forwards and stepping backwards; I was basically just being a pussy, I slapped myself, got some courage and went to talk to the guy.

And oh man, the language barrier was bad, at the beginning it was awkward and horrible. But the more jokes we made throughout our acting and the more stories we tried to say, the more comfortable we became. He offered me some apple juice and I took a big swig of it and then it turns out it was whiskey. It was still in the morning, I mean come on, French people are so hardcore.

We chatted/playing charades for a couple of hours, we chatted about life in Australia, does kangaroo meat taste good (I get that question way to much), life in France, what he does for a living, why I’m travelling, what I hope to do and everything else. I walked away forgetting his name but remembering his whole story. Knowing this guy has two kids, a wife, works around France and whenever he’s not working he’s fishing. He was very similar to a Drew Barnes that I know (miss you bro).

And I guess that’s what happens when you travel, you meet lots of people and hear their stories, their jokes and see their acting ability (which can be hilarious). And really when you leave that country, you forget lots of the people you meet on a one-off but you have an overall understanding of who they are and what they are about.

And that’s why what I love to travel; hearing people’s adventures, jokes, experiences and more importantly knowing their passion and their purpose. I love it. And the more I hear of different peoples interests, motivation and passions the more deeply I look into myself. I often question what motivates me, what gets me up in the morning and what I want my life to be about.

I guess I’ve got an idea but still need to travel a bit more.

I’m never certain.

I’m always learning and trying to improve.

The journey continues.