Failing Forward

with Daniel Cassadio

first be with the moment, enjoy it, breathe it all in and smell the roses

then bring out the camera... 

So often when I'm travelling, I see something beautiful and my instant thought is to whip out my camera. I don't think this particularly bad but I feel like there are better ways to handle the situation. I'm currently trying my best to first soak in the moment and actually just enjoy everything that surrounds me before I have the distraction of the camera. Because as soon as the camera comes out, my mind is fixed on getting the best shot and making sure that it looks as appealing as possible for all my viewers. 

As hippy as it might sound, I think you can get so much more out of a scenic landscape, a monument or a sunset if you give yourself a few extra moments to get lost in it. Forget everything else and just be. 

Then after all that, get out your DSLR or phone and go crazy with the photos. But please for everyones sake, don't bring out the selfie-sticks... 

When I came back from my 6 month adventure throughout Asia and Europe, I had loads of footage and photos. But when I was reflecting on the trip personally, I felt like I could of maximised it so much more. Instead of pulling focus on my DLSR, I wish I pulled focus to the reality of where I am.
— Endbeginning Travel Blogger : Stephen East

A story and photo a day. Keeps the doctor away. 
Unless you're sick. Then go see a doctor.


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